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Class Action Law Firm Milberg Weiss California Criminal Case Loses Fifth Federal Judge

California Federal Judges Recuse Themselves From Hearing Los Angeles Case

Prior articles have discussed the California criminal case involving the federal indictment leveled against class action law firm Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman. Molly Selvin of the Los Angeles Times recently reported that yet another federal judge, U.S. District Court Judge R. Gary Klausner, has recused himself from hearing the case, bringing to five the number of judges who have bowed out.

One immediate impact caused by the successive recusals is the delay in the arraignments of Howard J. Vogel, a retired real estate investor, and Richard Purtich, a California lawyer. Ms. Selvin reports that Howard Vogel will be arraigned on a criminal charge that he received more than $2.4 million in kickbacks from Milberg Weiss, and that Richard Purtich has “agreed to plead guilty to a felony tax charge related to allegations that he funneled money to a Milberg client.”

Ms. Selvin’s article, Milberg Case Hits Delays as Five Judges Withdraw,” may be found in the June 16, 2006, edition of the Los Angeles Times.