Michael J. Hassen

Michael J. Hassen’s practice has emphasized business litigation, primarily on behalf of corporate clients, in areas such as class actions, unfair competition/unfair business practices (under section 17200 and common law), theft of trade secrets, raiding of corporate employees, interference with prospective economic advantage, libel and more.

Mr. Hassen has defended corporations successfully against numerous class actions, and often consults on class actions pending outside California. He has substantial experience representing lenders in all facets of lender litigation, ranging from class actions and unfair business practices based on alleged “predatory” lending, RESPA violations, TILA violations and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations, to claims alleging elder abuse or challenging the validity or priority of liens.

A few of the many class actions Mr. Hassen has defended include:

  • Alleged unauthorized use of employee names on political flyers; Alleged labor law violations, including failure to pay overtime wages, failure to promptly pay and properly calculate termination wages, failure to reimburse business expenses, etc.;
  • Alleged Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations;
  • Alleged predatory lending practices;
  • Alleged RESPA and TILA violations;
  • Alleged failure to timely reconvey deeds of trust;
  • Alleged improper calculation of prepayment penalties;
  • Alleged improper charges associated with termination of club memberships;
  • Alleged false advertising to secure club memberships;
  • Alleged imposition of improper escrow charges.

Mr. Hassen is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, and his experience in appellate matters includes shouldering primary responsibility for preparing almost 100 appellate briefs. Mr. Hassen’s expertise in handling appeals arises from his experience serving as a law clerk at the California Supreme Court and the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.