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Wall Street Journal Reports On Federal Indictment Of Class Action Plaintiff Lawyer Melvyn Weiss On Illegal Kickback Charges

Nathan Koppel of the Wall Street Journal reports today on the long-anticipated criminal charges leveled against well known class action plaintiff lawyer Melvyn Weiss. The criminal charges are contained in an amendment to the federal indictment handed down last year against the plaintiff class action law firm of Milberg Weiss and two of its named partners, Steven Schulman and David Bershad. The criminal charges against Weiss comes just days after former Milberg Weiss attorney William Lerach, himself a well-known class action plaintiff lawyer, pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges, and to the guilty plea of Steve Schulman to federal racketeering and conspiracy charges.

Mr. Koppel’s article, entitled “In Role Reversal, Melvyn Weiss is Indicted: High-Profile Lawyer is Accused of Kickbacks to Class-action Clients,” may be found on page A11 of the September 21, 2007 edition of the wall Street Journal.